Parliamentarian: Jill Moffitt


Jill Rowlands Moffitt had an early career In the oil industry. She was a refinery worker and a union steward in the 70's. In the 80's she handled inventory and shipping packaged petroleum products in the US and overseas.

In the 90's she went back to school and earned Magna cum Laude from the Universtiy of St. Thomas while pursuing a BA in Philosophy with a minor in Communications. After graduation she volunteered with community-based services agencies before turning a lapidary hobby into a business.

For the last 20 years Jill Rowlands Moffitt has become increasingly more active with earth sciences groups including the Houston Museum of Natural Science as she pursues a lifetime love of learning and sharing educational pursuits with the community.

Her political activities have also increased as a result of seeing herself and others who have an uncomfortable future as senior citizens whose earned benefits are at risk. Also, motivating her activist hat when she sees friends and neighbors experience the on going travesty of discrimination and irrational hate.

Currently she is Pct 22 chair, parliamentarian of Southwest Democrats and Early Vote Ballot Board Chair of Harris County, Master Docent of HMNS and owner of Gems by Jill.